in the light

In the light: Photograph a set of images involving light. Limit yourself to 4 frames. Use a horizontal format. Title the photos individually and combine the title within the frame of each photo. Write about how the location of your photos relates to light and why it inspired you.

caro: it's Saturday morning. light filters in through our dusty windows, waking me up. his hair prickles on my cheek as I whisper in his ear "good morning."  the covers are cool and soft, making me want to stay wrapped up in them forever. the house is full of quiet stillness, a calm that I'd like to capture and tuck away in my heart.

kate: there's always something magical about the hour before sunset . . . but when it's the hour before sunset on the beach, everything becomes irritably beautiful. combined, these four photos embody my favorite aspects of the beach - the plants in the dunes, the wind in my hair, the water splashing on my legs, and the sand in between my toes - in the light i always remember them - soft, golden, hazy, warm.

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