Morning: It's simple this week; just photograph your morning. 

caro: one of the first things I do every morning is put on my contacts; until then my world is a blurry mess of light. 

kate: I adore saturday mornings.  maybe it's the fact that my room soaks up all the late morning light.  maybe it's that I don't have to get up.  reason aside, I treasure these lazy, unhurried times, delighting in the details of life.  the way the light hits my sheets and legs, the way my hair gets mussed up in bed, the way the water bounces when I was my fruit, the way Psalms always comforts my soul.  


sugar & sweets

Project:  typeset a recipe that has 5 ingredients or less, in a way that relates to the content of the recipe; make the recipe and take a photo of the finished product styled in a way that relates to the typeset recipe.  (type coming soon!)

caro: no-bake cookies . . . I don't have to do ANY baking? these are like candy!

kate: I was super-nervous about these (anything that requires boiling and baking for four hours scares me!) but I absolutely loved them.  White, fluffy, stiff sugar-dreams!