Morning: It's simple this week; just photograph your morning. 

caro: one of the first things I do every morning is put on my contacts; until then my world is a blurry mess of light. 

kate: I adore saturday mornings.  maybe it's the fact that my room soaks up all the late morning light.  maybe it's that I don't have to get up.  reason aside, I treasure these lazy, unhurried times, delighting in the details of life.  the way the light hits my sheets and legs, the way my hair gets mussed up in bed, the way the water bounces when I was my fruit, the way Psalms always comforts my soul.  


sugar & sweets

Project:  typeset a recipe that has 5 ingredients or less, in a way that relates to the content of the recipe; make the recipe and take a photo of the finished product styled in a way that relates to the typeset recipe.  (type coming soon!)

caro: no-bake cookies . . . I don't have to do ANY baking? these are like candy!

kate: I was super-nervous about these (anything that requires boiling and baking for four hours scares me!) but I absolutely loved them.  White, fluffy, stiff sugar-dreams!


redeem::plastic bags

the project: take some plastic bags and make them into something useful, pretty, or both.

caro: I fused the plastic bags together and then stitched up the sides and added a zipper to create pouches, these are handy for tossing a wet swimsuit into or to use as little make-up bags. I had some really great plastic bags to begin with, like the one from Continental - a hipster restaurant in downtown Philadelphia -  but I enjoyed creating graphic patterns out of the existing brand pieces on the bags from Shoppers, Giant and Dollar Tree. This project has me looking at plastic bags in a whole new way.

kate: well.  the reason this post is so late is because I learned something very basic about DIYs:: don't bite off more than you can chew.  I'd started collecting plastic bags months ago and had spent several afternoons cutting the bags into strips and braiding them.  but when it came to stitching them together (or running a wire through the braid as I later tried) I found that the effort didn't justify the end product.  so I opted for a simpler project that I still think satisfies the spirit of the project.  I just cut a stiffer bag into squares, twisted them from the center, and secured it by tying the twist with thread.  the result?  a simple, free, pretty way to redeem plastic bags.  I'm thinking about making a headband or garland (so much cheaper than crepe paper!) 


in the light

In the light: Photograph a set of images involving light. Limit yourself to 4 frames. Use a horizontal format. Title the photos individually and combine the title within the frame of each photo. Write about how the location of your photos relates to light and why it inspired you.

caro: it's Saturday morning. light filters in through our dusty windows, waking me up. his hair prickles on my cheek as I whisper in his ear "good morning."  the covers are cool and soft, making me want to stay wrapped up in them forever. the house is full of quiet stillness, a calm that I'd like to capture and tuck away in my heart.

kate: there's always something magical about the hour before sunset . . . but when it's the hour before sunset on the beach, everything becomes irritably beautiful. combined, these four photos embody my favorite aspects of the beach - the plants in the dunes, the wind in my hair, the water splashing on my legs, and the sand in between my toes - in the light i always remember them - soft, golden, hazy, warm.


type & patterns

project: choose one letter and use it to create 3 different patterns.

caro: The letter c in fonts AvantGarde, Bodoni, and Quarterly Thin.  
           I've got wallpaper on the brain, so I created patterns I'd love to see on the pasted up 
           on the walls of my house."

kate: The letter l in fonts (i forgot), helvetica, and rebecca
           I also couldn't keep wallpaper off my mind!  I loved fitting the different shapes 
           together, (it gets a bit psychedelic late at night)


color & mood

project: choose two colors that describe a mood you experience sometime this week and combine the colors in an abstract way, using any medium.   

caro: drained - bleached paper napkin 
kate: ravell'd  - acrylic and ink on paper


caro & kate

a little about caro: I like the feel of the sunshine and the smell of the beach. I love food and eating with people who make me laugh. I love living in Virginia. I love praying to God and reading his word. I like the way it looks when things are orderly and organized even though, most of the time I can't keep them that way.

a little about kate:
I love warm sunshine on white walls. I like making new things out of old things. I like to avoid homework by organizing closets. I love reading. Everything. But most of all, I love to think about things. especially God.